About Us

Ummah Blocks was founded to provide the community with building block sets to increase knowledge, highlight the beauty of Islamic landmarks found all around the world, and build the Ummah.

Our products are hand-designed with precision and produced with high quality to best reflect the elegance of the architecture being modeled. Included in each package is a step-by-step instructions manual containing Q&A about the model as well as facts and history about its features as you build them!

Our designs and content are copyrighted and trademarked with dates - any highly similar designs or products available are NOT affiliated with Ummah Blocks and are NOT authorized by us. Our sets are designed, assembled, and distributed in the USA (delivered within a week). We don’t dropship, we don’t ship from overseas, we don’t use cheap materials, and most importantly, we are proudly Muslim-owned and run 😊

We provide the unique opportunity to combine learning and fun with every block. Our sets are designed to be enjoyed by everyone - from children and parents looking for a fun learning activity to anyone with a love for building and connecting with our beautiful religion!